Layered Cardboard Materials
How well do you know the distinctive kinds of folded cardboard? On the off chance that your answer was "I didn't know there was more than one kind," you presumably don't work in the bundling business.
Single Face Board
Doesn’t have the durability that other types of corrugated packaging materials have, but is very cheap to produce and can provide an extra layer of protection to already packaged products.
Single Wall Board
The most widely recognized style layered cardboard is made in. A portion of the more typical woodwinds of single divider sheets are recorded beneath.
Double Wall Board
Much more resistant to breaking when stacked. This type of corrugated is commonly used for larger industrial containers.
Rool & Sheet
Sumukh Shiv

     Sumukh Shiv is one of the most important Corrugated Cardboard producers. We provide design, printing, manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of packaging materials such as Best Corrugated Cardboard packaging, Cardboard Boxes, Cardboard bundles (2ply) and much more. We provide package design solutions. We are committed to bringing our customers 100% satisfaction with quality products, excellent pricing, and packaging expertise to make your job easier.

We manufacture each type of corrugated packaging material. Unlike other suppliers, Sumukh Shiv provides enterprise-level customer support to all its customers and our team tirelessly strives that every customer has the right corrugated box, at the right price and at the right time.

Best Packaging
Cardboard Displayers
Creative display now specializes in displaying, designing, producing and distributing custom corrugated floors for the retail environment. Ideally, the point of sale (POS) floor display...
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Corrugated Cardboard Flexible Designing
Corrugated cardboard and corrugated cardboard sheets rolled into 3 layers (two smooth layers and one corrugated layer), 5 layers (3 smooth layers and 2 corrugated...
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Cardboard Boxes, Classical Boxes, Pliable Boxes
Classical or American flexible box consists of a piece of sticky expression sticking or sticking with tape, whose two ends work as flaps. These boxes...
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